English Settlement Rabbitry and Hatchery

Rabbits and so so much more....

               Day at the Farm

                                                Day at the farm starts June 16th 2013

                                                                   3:00 pm - 6:00 pm

                                                                  At the farm.................

                                               10295 Lee Valley Rd, Mt Horeb, Wi 53572

We will have chicks available for sale, along with adult birds,  jewelry, feed, incubating eggs, and so much more. if we raise it - we most likely will have it available at that time.

Farm days will be every Sunday unless a cancellation is posted.


                       Black Pug Pups Are Here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Puppie's are here, they are currently 3-4 weeks old, they will be ready to start leaving for there new homes in 3 weeks. they are so cute and puggie. we currently have blacks and brindles available. if you are on our waiting list feel free to text me at 608-228-2013.



Girls $500.00

Boys $450.00


Girls $ 550.00

Boys $ 500.00

We have one silver female brindle available she will be $1000.00


  We are taking Chick orders and Incubating egg orders.

                 CHICK ORDERS

We will start hatching in march (chicks ready), i can ship day old chicks if you are intrested, there will be shipping costs. if you wanna place an order for chicks please email me, i will send you an invoice to pay for your order threw Pay Pal. all orders placed now will be filled by the end of april 2013.  we can take small orders and also do assortment orders example: 3 ducklings, 5 chicks. we also ship also. please let me know when you order if you need your chicks shipped.


Store pages completed:

Standard Chick

Bantam Chick

Quail / Partridge

But you can place orders threw the store if you want, if the items you are looking for are added already.. or just email me and ill send you a invoice.


We can start shipping incubating eggs the month of march. place your orders now. all orders placed now will be filled by April 15th 2013. We guarantee a 75% hatch rate or we will re ship you new eggs. If you wanna place an order for incubating eggs please email me and i can send you an invoice threw paypal.

Specials: February

- We are offering  25% discount if you order more than two dozen Incubating eggs.

- 25% off pheasant, peacock, quail chick orders of more than 20.
- 5th chick free on orders over 10 chicks
- Ducklings and geese 5th one free for every 4 ordered.
- All other chicks, and orders 10% off

                         Baby Goat Season Has Started......

Pic will be posted soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!! check em out... we can sell them still on bottle, and off bottle.

Our Calander is getting updated weekly!!!!!!!

Check out were we will be weekly, We do have some places out of state, also willing to meet for pick up orders at any of these locations. hope to see you there.

Black Pugs are Coming!!!!!!!!!!!!

We just got our new black pug female.. we are so excited...... new color new blood lines. keep an eye out for up coming litters. we are starting our waiting list for our spring litters.

Pug Puppies (all sold, next litter in spring 2013)



Chick Season is Here......

Get your orders in now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And enjoy the many great deals we offer....

 feel free to look around....... Are first hatch will be March 2013...


Contact Information.

English Settlement Rabbitry & Hatchery

10295 Lee Valley Rd

Mt Horeb, Wi 53572

Phone numbers:

Cell: 608-228-2013 (texting is best if at all possible)

I have very bad cell service were we live, please text me if possible.

Email: cearnschandra@yahoo.com

Seal Point Siamese Kittens Coming Soon.... Spring 2013

We have some reg kittens available, and Siamese kittens rehoming fee is $35.00 for reg each,and $150.00 each for the siamese, they come with there first shots, and also must sign a spay or nueter contract (Siamese kittens are exempt from contract.)

Contact me if intrested in the kittens, they are veary friendly and we just can not keep all of them, we will be using the money from the kittens to get the parents spayed and nuetured. Thank you. 


Our Beloved Shy Shy played in this Movie........



UPDATES COMING SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OUR WEBSITE is currently being updated daily....

Add Your Website!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Any one who has a rabbitry website can add it on the guestbook page.

Our new check policy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We will no longer be taking checks!!!!!!!!!!! unless it is for a down payment only!!!!!!!!!!