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Silkie/ turken crosses

We currently have about 15 available assortment of hens and roosters, very sweet birds hand raised by my daughter Andora. These are her chicks she is selling. They are about 3 months old, hens will sart to lay in a couple months.


Roosters: $5.00 each

Hens: $8.00 each

Pics to come soon

                             White Turken Roosters (bantam)

We currently have to many roosters for this breed, we are selling some. they are some very nice looking birds. Purebreed. young birds, last years fall hatch from 2012.

Price $8.00 each



Whats for sale?

We currently do not have many adult birds for sale. but will be posting pic of whats available the end of february 2013. We also always seem to have alot for sale towards the fall season.