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These were a nice addition  in 2011, i have really enjoyed watching them.



Adults $15.00 Each

Ducklings $ 5.00 Each place order

eggs for incubation $2.00 each

  The Buff Orpington Duck is a breed of domestic duck, It is a dual-purpose breed used for meat and egg production. It is capable of laying up to 220 eggs a year.


Large Duck, meat breed, also makes a good pet, the most popular duck for 4-h


Adult $15.00 each

Ducklings $ 5.00 Each place order

Incubating Eggs $2.00 Each



We also raise the jumbo breed.


Another meat duck, also makes good pets, these grow fast, and are known for there nails. we have the whotes with red faces and then also the whites with color, and also some solid colors. We also raise chocolates.


Adult Price $15.00 Each  

Duckling $ 5.00 Each Place order

Incubating Eggs $2.00 Each 



Very peaceful gentle duck, and love the colors




Adult Price $15.00 Each

Duckling $ 5.00 Each  Place order

Incubating Eggs $2.00 Each

  The Cayuga breed is in the "Medium class" and has been a recognized breed of the APA since 1874. the standard weight for adult males is 8 ilbs and females 7 ilbs. The Cayuga are characterized by a black billl and black plumage which is an iridescent beetle green in the correct light. In breeding an emphasis is put on correct coloration, carriage and a large breast. The Cayuga duck has dark brown eyes, black shanks and toes, except in old drakes where some orange shading may appear. Ducklings have black plumage. For exhibition presence of white color in the outer plumage is a disqualification. It is also well liked by many as a great yard pet as they tend to stay close to home.


This has been one of my favorites from a little girl. Large gentle breed, looks like the mallard, just dos'ent fly away and so much bigger in size..


Adult price $15.00 Each

Duckling $5.00 Each  place order

Incubating Eggs $1.50 each


Swiss, Sweedish Duck

This is a grey blue duck,is much like the cayuga with disposition. very gentle quite breed.



Adult $15.00 Each (sold out for 2011)

Duckling $ 5.00 Each Available

Incubating Eggs $2.00 Each ( available )


Runner, Indian Runner Duck

I love having this one around, great for fly control, and it is a blast watching them walk around so up right.



Adults $15.00 Each

Ducklings $ 5.00 Each place order

Incubating Eggs $2.00 each

New for 2013: Blues and Blacks.



Great duck for hunters to  traine there dogs on.


Adults: $12.00 each

Ducklings: $ 4.50 each place order

Incubating eggs: $1.75 each 


White Mallards

  This breed dose fly..... mine have stuck aropund with out netted tops, but they are a little more domesticated than the regular mallards.



Adults: $15.00 each

Ducklings: $4.50 each place order

Incubating eggs: $ 2.00 each must order 6 or more.

Barnyard Mix

Adults: $ 10.00 each

Ducklings: $ 3.00 each place order

Incubating eggs: $ 1.25 each must order 6 or more

Ancona (endangered)


Adults: $25.00 each

Ducklings: $ 6.00 each place order

Incubating eggs: $ 2.50 each must order 6 or more

  The Ancona Duck is a breed of domestic duck.These rare ducks. in their 2000 census of domestic waterfowl in North America, listed the Ancona's status as "critical". Just like most other domestic ducks, the Anconas are a flightless duck, so they don't migrate. They are fairly calm animals and make good pond, yard, and breeding birds. They tend to be excellent foragers, and if allowed will augment their diet with greens, slugs, insects and other arthropods.They can lay up to 280 eggs a year under the right circumstances.

Call Ducks

I love these little guys, ours come in the mallard colors and the snowey, and black, and they are quite the little talkers. I am sure we will be adding new colors in 2013. we have some nice ones, ours took first place in 2012 at the fair,


Adults $ 30.00 - 40.00 Each

Ducklings $ 15.oo Each place order

Incubating Eggs $4.00 Each


Crested - new for 2012


Adults: $ 15.00 each

Ducklings: $ 4.50 each place order

Incubating eggs: $ 1.75 each must order 6 or more 



Every kid at some point in there life that gets the chance to raise up a duckling learns it can be so rewarding. we have several breeds of ducks, i have a few to add when i get my wishes granted.