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We currently have 7 breeds of geese, of course im sure this will grow.they make great guard dogs for the yard and protecting other birds you may have from predators like raccons and foxes, they are also very good at keeping the weeds pulled and the yard mowed.

                             Sebastopol Geese

These are my favorite out of my geese, the remind me of an angels wings the way there feathers fall.


            Adults $ 100.00 Each

    Gooslings $ 40.00 Each place order

       incubating eggs $ 20.00 each

     must order 6 (limited availabilitity)

We currently only have 2 breeding pairs so if you are intrested for next year please contact me.


Embden Geese

Very sweet docile geese, love having them around.



Adults $ 60.00 Each

Gooslings $ 10.00 Each Place order

Incubating Eggs $6.00 each/ 6 or more.

Ours come from some really good wi blood lines

  The breed is pure white with a short, light orange bill, and orange feet and shanks. They are fast growing birds and will quickly reach about 20 lb for the Goose, and 30 lb for the Gander. The Embden's legs are fairly short. The head is oval-shaped and they have a long and graceful neck. The eyes are an ocean blue. The body is bulky and well rounded, having a long back and a short tail. The wings are very strong and of a good length. The feathers are close and very hard. A Embden goose matures in about 2–3 years and will start to look for a mate for life. The adult bird will commence laying eggs fairly early in the year, in February as a rule, laying 30 to 40 eggs The goose starts incubating the eggs around the beginning of spring for about 28–34 days


Chineese Geese

love the color, and great for yard guarding.


Adults $ 40.00 Each

Gooslings $ 10.00 each place order

Incubating eggs $4.00 Each/ 6 or more

  Chinese geese are among the better laying breeds of geese. A female Chinese goose can lay 50–60 eggs over the course of the breeding season (February to June), although there are reports of Chinese Geese laying up to 100 eggs during that time. The knob at the top of the beak is more prominent on males than females. By 6–8 weeks of age, the knob is already pronounced enough that it can be used for sexing.


African Geese

Very Good Talkers, and egg layers.


Adults $ 35.00

Gooslings $8.00 each place order

Incubating eggs $ 4.00 each, Must order at least 6.

  African geese appear in three color varieties: Brown, Buff and White. Browns have black bills and knobs, and plumage with irregular shades, from a very light to dark brown. Whites have all-white plumage and orange bills and knobs. African geese are also quite a bit heavier than Chinese, and are more well known for their docile temperaments.


Another gentle breed


Adults $ 35.00 each

Gooslings $ 9.00 place order

Incubating Eggs $ 4.00 each Must order at least 6.

  The bird generally has a placid disposition, with the consequence that it doesn't thrive in flocks of mixed breeds. More aggressive geese will greatly distress the Toulouse, putting it off mating and sometimes resulting in its losing out at the feeding trough. These are very domesticated birds, easily bewildered by more active breeds. They do not need a pond However, being waterfowl, they love bathing and playing in water and will also mate in water. They are not great wanderers, preferring to stay close to home, making them ideal for a large garden or orchard, where they will thrive. Interestingly, individual geese vary, and others thrive in mixed flocks.

White Chinese (new for 2012)


Adults: $ 60.00 each

Gooslings: $ 11.00 Each place order

Incubating eggs: $5.00 each must order 6.

  Pretty much the same as the regular chineese.

Barnecle Geese (new for 2013)

We are so excited about our new additions for 2013.


Adults: $120.00 each

Gooslings: $ 60.00 each (none available for 2013)

Incubating eggs: $18.00 each and must order 6 or more (will not have for 2013)

  The Barnacle Goose is a medium-sized goose, 22–28 in long, with a wingspan of 51–57 in and a body mass of 2.7–4.9 lb. It has a white face and black head, neck, and upper breast. Its belly is white. The wings and its back are silver-gray with black-and-white bars that look like they are shining when the light reflects on it. During flight a V-shaped white rump patch and the silver-gray underwing linings are visible.