English Settlement Rabbitry and Hatchery

Rabbits and so so much more....

                           Updated 1 - 15 - 2013

                                           We love our alarm system

                Guneafowl, GuneaHens, Genea's

We have several colors available, Pearls, Royals, Lavanders, Opals.

Great guard dog , lets you know when strangers or predaters are around, get along with other birds as in chickens and water fowle.



        Adults $20.00 Each Available

      Chicks $ 7.00 Each place order

       Incubating Eggs $30.00 Dozen 




 (above pic)Guinea rooster: round lobes on the side of the head give him away. (Below pic) Guinea hen: flat lobes on the side of her head give her away.