English Settlement Rabbitry and Hatchery

Rabbits and so so much more....

New phesants

So excited about all the new additions

New for 2013

Below you will find what we have added so far in 2013.

Black Pug

yes we added a lil girl named lola...

New for 2012

Below you will find what we added in 2012.

Guinea Pigs 2012

This was all my fault i geuss. But they have been such a blast dont think i'd have a home with out them in it or a heart.

Goats 2012

Yep i had to get my weed eaters and lawn mowers this year....lol.

Rats 2012

It always seems to start with something the kids want, and me having a huge soft heart for fuzzy creatures and the little ones. So yes Siri Finally got her rats this year.