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                        I Love My Saint Bernards

We Currently only have 2 female Saint bernards, and our new addition Tank our current stud., We lost our 1st Male to an unforseen tragedy 4 summers ago. But please enjoy pics and a little history on our 2 girls, and the story of our beloved Thor.

                        TANK IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!

We are so excited to have made the decission to make the new addition to our family...

I will be posting pictures soon.

Litters will be here in the spring of 2013 for pure breeds.

We will have 2 beautiful litters ready for there new homes in the Spring of this year, if you are at all intrested make sure you get on the waiting list.

                    Male Saint Bernard Stud Fees

We are more than willing to work with someone in helping them with breeding there dog, Must be AKC registered, Just breeding fee is $600.00. then there may also be daily care fees, and ect. Will have to discuss and come up with terms fair for both parties. May also be willing to do a pick of the litter. Contact if intrested.

                             Our Beloved Sadie

Sadie is a great girl, she is well manored and great temperment, and a wounderful mother. (non pedigreed) She dose come from a great blood line.



                                     Shy Shy

Shy is pedigreed, and has a great history backing her. She played in the movie Bethoveens Big Break. She had a little of a bumpy life befor she came to us, but she is doing great and wounderful now. she should give us some beautiful pups this next year. 


Pups to come Soon!

 Remember Shy was in the movie Bethoveens Big Break.

                               All Grown UP!

Champ came back home to us for unforseen reasons, but we love him dearly. He is a fixed male, and the offspring of Snickers and Shy Shy.

Pic Coming soon!

        Thor (we miss you so dearly) R.I.P (2009)


 I did not hide veary well. This was a picture of Thor and Sadie, After her first litter for us in 2008. Thor was the MAN. We will miss him much and it is really hard to know how much tell that beloved member of your family is not there any more. Also another note and quick opinion of mine.

We lost Thor to an unresposible pet sitter in the summer 2009, he passed away from heat stroke. Be veary careful of who you have care for your pets while you are gone, make sure 100% that they are true and faithful, and would do everything you would do for your pet in a time of need.


          Snickers and the Girls play date 2010!

                             Shy and Snickers


                              Shy and Snickers

                            Sadie and Snickers