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                                       Quail / Partridge

We really enjoy our quail. and will be adding lots of new colors for 2013. Updated 1-27-2013

Cornix Quail

Adults: $8.00 each

Chicks: $ 2.50 place order

Incubating eggs: $ 15.00 a dozen

We will have many diffrent colors and varieties available this year, so excited about the new colors coming. 




Bobwhite Quail

Adults: $8.00 each (fall 2013)

Chicks: $ 2.50 each Place order

Incubating eggs: $12.00 a dozen place order 


Red Leg Chukar

Adults: $12.00 each

Chicks: $ 3.00 each place order

Incubating eggs: $ 18.00 a dozen



Adults: $13.00 each

Chicks: $ 3.00 each

Incubating eggs: not available.