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Rabbits for Sale (will be updated soon)

We usually have rabbits for sale, Contact me if you do not see something you are looking for i may be able to help you find it. And we do not always have it posted. 

Black mini rex doe


Price 40.00 w/ pedigree (Sold)

Dam is REW and sire is a Broken black

Mini Rex kits


These mini rex will be available in 2-3 weeks

These are some nice rabbits, prices have been changed to 10.00 each due to not able to be showing any longer, had a dutch doe next to them that chewed there ears, would make great pets or brood stock.

There is

2 Broken Black (Bucks)

2 Black (1 buck and 1 doe)

Prices will be $10.00 Each with pedigree

These kits should turn out really nice.

Dam is a Lilac mini rex and Sire is a Black Broken mini rex 

These kits will be available in 2-3 weeks, we will be keeping one out of this litter for ourselfs, they are all really nice bunnys, so you get your first pic.

Mini Rex Kits

These are available now, veary nice little bunnys, will post pictures soon.

There is 7 available in this litter

Prices will be $50.00 each with pedigree

These will also be veary nice bunnys.

Dam is a Black mini rex and Sire is a Broken Black

We will also be keeping one out of this litter. Previouse litter out of this buck and doe was awesome.

RED Mini Rex Kits


This litter is available in 5 weeks, will post newer pics weekly.

There is 6 available in this litter

Prices will be $100.00 - $50.00 each with pedigree

These will also be veary nice bunnys.

Dam is a red doe (w/some castor back ground) Buck is a red w all red back ground.

We will also be keeping one out of this litter. Previouse litter out of this buck and doe was awesome.

 if intrested get on the waiting list for these buns, there will be a 20.00 deposit required.

Polish kits Available Now


 These little polish are available for there new homes now


3 black (does and 1 buck) 2 SOLD

1 broken black (Doe) SOLD

Show qualitity price is $30.00 each w pedigree (SALE PRICE $20.00 EACH)

Mother of litter is a broken black doe, she dose pretty well on the show table, usually in the top 3.

The father of this litter is Black, and his grandparents have several legs. 

We will be keeping 2 out of this litter

Rex available, Castor and Black otter

We have a litter of Rex available also at this time.

ready for there new homes in 1-2 weeks

PRICE $20.00 EACH *******sale need cage room**********

We have

2 Black otters (1 BUCK SOLD) ALL BUCKS

5 casters (1 BUCK SOLD) 4 BUCKS, 1 DOE (DOE SOLD)

Dam is a Black otter rex and Sire is a castor rex buck

These kits come with a full generation pedigree on the Sire's side and 3/4 a pedigree on the Dam's side. 

 Pics will be posted soon.

We are planning on selling all our Dutch!!!!

We have 2 bucks available, with great body and markings, one blue and one harliquinn. Asking $40.00 each (all Dutch are sold)

We also have some nice does.

1 blue doe, not best markings but throws good kits, 15.00

1 good marked black doe, $25.00

several other black does ok, markings, one throws almost mint litters with our Blue buck, asking 15.00 - 20.00 each.

 Contact any ?'s would consider a lot price with purchase of there cage. 



Have some nice Broken otters available in mini rex.

these little ones are adorable, and have great coat coming, and good even markings, Asking 30.00 - 40.00 each w full pedigree. 


Black Dutch Buck, pet only $10.00

Selling this rabbit for my Niece for 10.00. looking for a good pet home. 


Himi Netherland Dwaf Buck (proven)

This buck just would just not pose he is a veary nice buck, nice and small.

Asking $50.00 for this rabbit, would make a great addition to a breeding program or for showing we have shown him several times and always dose well, never DQ.


We have several Mini rex available in Black Broken

Prices ranging from 20.00 - 60.00 a rabbit. Does and bucks available in many difrent age groups, from JR- Sr, to brood, and ect.

Chocolate otter Netherland Dwarf

I have a buck and a doe available for sale, want to keep one selling the other, your pick, asking $50.00 for, have been showing and both have 1 leg, and have won many other awards. 


Satndard rex available

I have several Rex available for sale, we have Castors, and opals available, vear nice buns askin 20.00- 40.00 each come with pedigree.

Lots more available

If you are looking for something inthe breeds we have i most likely have it, we also

have several really nice flemish available for sale, also have sevaeral pet buns available for sale starting out at 10.00 each. contact me if yoy are looking for anything i may be able to help you with 608-444-8099


we are cutting way back on rabbits so breeding pairs are also available at a pair price.

We have several rabbits, and babys available at this time not all are always posted, will be posting new pics Soon. check back or email me if you need any other info.