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Show Results

We do not always post all of our show winnings just so many to post. But enjoy our postings for our most memoriable ones.

10/10/09 Jefferson Show

Chocolate otter Netherland Dwarf (JR Doe) 1st place and BOS

Recieved her first leg.

10/11/09 Jefferson Show (Day 2)

Sandy Flemish Giant (6-8 Buck) 1st place And BOS (good job Hause)

Jo Jo Blue Dutch Buck (JR) 1st Place and recieved his 1st leg.

11/15/09 Peoria, IL Show

Sandy Flemish Giant (6-8 Buck) 1st place And B.O.B (good job Hause)

Jo Jo blue Dutch Buck (Sr) 1st place and recieved his 2nd leg.

12/05/09 East Lansing, MI Show

Sandy Flemish Giant (6-8 doe) 1st place, B.O.B and 2nd runner up for B.I.S (good job Mamma Cadburry)


12/31/2009 new year show, Jainesville, WI Show

Sandy flemish Giant (6-8) Buck 1st place and B.O.B (ES130)

Blue Dutch Sr Buck 1st place and B.O.V (Great job Jo Jo)

2012 Mendota il Fair

We Won 1st with our standard rex Broken castor doe.