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We currently have 8 breeds of turkeys that we raise. I'm sure that more will come in 2013. we love our Turkeys here and they actually have a very sweet disposition, and many have made wounderful pets for us. updated 1/16/2013

                           Midget White Turkeys





This is a very good backyard breed, they only get so big, and are a very tasteful bird, sweet disposition. and grow nicely (they dont grow to big to fast and fall over dead.) Breed naturally.


Adults: are White, Chicks are a yellow color.


            Adult Birds: $40.00 Each

            Chicks: $7.00 Place order

      Incubating Eggs: $35.00 a Dozen

                  (70% hatch rate)

          Incubation period is 28 days

                            Red Bourban Turkeys

Red Bourbans have always been one of my favorites, i love the colors and the disposition and the size.

Adults are red (brown) and white color


            Adults: $40.00 Each

         Chicks: $9.00 Place order

    Incubating Eggs: $ 40.00 Dozen


     Incubation period is for 28 days.

                                   Royal Palm


  This is a wounderful heritage breed.



               Adults: $60.00 each

           Chicks: $9.00 place order

           Incubating Eggs: $ 40.00



           Picture of a tom and hen.

Another heritage breed that needs help. On the in danger list.

Very tasty bird, tender.


        Adults: $60.00 each

           Chicks: $9.00

             Place order

         Incubating Eggs:   

           $40.00 a doz

                                 Blue Slate


    Another Heritage breed.


        Adults: $50.00

  Chicks: $ 8.50 place order

 Incubating Eggs: $40.00 doz


                              Bronze Turkeys

Adult color, as the name goes, bronze and shimmer when the light hits there feathers.

  It has been a long time for me to have this breed, and i so have enjoyed owning them once more. they have followed me around the yard while i have done my numerouse chores, my saint bernard has even decided she can share her dog food with them (lol) Good Disposition.



              Adults: $40.00 Each

          Chicks: $ 9.00 Place order

    Incubating Eggs $40.00 Dozen 

                  Broad Brested Whites / Bronze


We raise chicks and adults of these two breeds every year . I do not offer incubating eggs for these.


          Adults $ 45.00 each

       Keets: $ 6.50 place order

           No incubating eggs