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We will gladly post pics of you and your new bunny, just email them to me. Thanks!

Rabbits in there new homes.

Please send me pics and emails and updates on how you and your new familt addition is doing.

New home #1 Pet Qualitity Black Mini Rex Buck

One of our little bucks left last week and went to his new home to be a house bunny. He definatly got the good deal out of his new relationship with his new owner Jane. Good luck with the new family addition. 10/14/09 UPDATE, THE LITTLE BUCK IS DOING FINE.

New Home #2 Trio of Dutch Babies


These little guys and girls are gonna have the life, and i hope they go on to produce some nice little ones, and win some great big shows. Good luck misty with your new additions to your family. 12/18/09


Puppy's in there new homes

Send me lots of pics and updates.

Crazy in her new home.

Crazy was the last of the pups to go to there new homes. she is such a doll and missed dearly by us.

The twins in there new home

I miss these two girls so much but they went to a great home. and are so cherished..

Thank you so much Pam and Wayne for giving these two girls a loving home were they can grow up together. would love more updated pics. Thank you.

Updated Pic of one of the twins 1/24/2013 She is so pretty.....

Co Co in her new home. 2012 litter.

Thank you Joe for the pictures of Coco in her new home.

I eventually will learn to flip pictures. lol.


She looks so happy and snug in her bed.