English Settlement Rabbitry and Hatchery

Rabbits and so so much more....

The pets in our lives, Our Family

Below u will find a lot of info on the animals we care for and who loves what in our household.

Rabbit part of our lives

Below you will find info on the rabbit life we live.

Who We Are

We are a small rabbitry located in Mt Horeb, Wi. Our rabbitry family consist of, me(Chandra) my best friend Michelle, and 3 of my little girls, Genievieve, Andora, and Chrisanthalyn. We currently only show in the youth, and now OPEN. We are a little new to everything and are enjoying the learning exsperience with the rabbits(2008 we were new, such a long time ago). Right now we currently raise Flemish giant (only sandy, and Blue color), Polish, Netherland Dwarf, Rex, Angora(french and english)and Mini Rex. These have been our familys favorite picks so far. We are always willing to learn, and also try to teach others as much as we have learnd. We look forward to see other rabbit goers at the future shows.



Chandra (ME)

I am the flemish Giant nut in the family.


Likes her Dutch, Wont see her at to many shows, working alot.


Shows the mini rex in youth at the shows


Shows the Dutch, Flemish at the youth shows


Shows the Netherland Dwarf and the Polish at the youth shows, and newley added Holland lops.

The Dogs life

below you will find info on our doggy day life.

We love our Dogs

We have a large household when it comes to our dogs. Me and my boyfriend got together 4 years ago and had a little situation we both had dogs, and together we have alot of dogs. Well we took to one another and so did all the tails.

Chandra (ME)

I am the saint bernard nut, love them. It is like cuddling with a big teddy bear. I also have a 9 year old rottwielier (R.I.P 2012), and rescued a lab whipit mix, and opened my house to a 15 year old german shepard that i babysat for someone when they were on vacations. (counting down the days as slow as i can for her, We will miss her when her passing day comes along, R.I.P 2010 )

Suggies Galore

I some how mistakenly got into these little guys, my friend had some and stayed with us for awhile, i kinda took over there daily care and feel in love, i knew she would be leaving soon and decided to get my own. boy was i in for it. They have such personalititys, and yes are called baby sugs for a reason, it is really like having more kids. Well i had mine and then ended up with hers so that is how our suggie family started.

Chickens, Peacocks, and Waterfowl

We have just recently added Cochins to our family, they are gentle beautiful giants, and soon to come will be many new additions.(we have added a ton of new birds as of 2011)

Chinchillas at home

I have always had chinchillas for some reason or another. They have great personatities and are veary friendly and make great pets for all ages. And care is easy for an exotic pet. We do not intentually breed ours we just have one every so often.

Our Family

We are animal lovers and want to provide as much knowledge as we can and understanding to people as we can. Plese let me know if you have any questions or are just looking for some info, or maybie a great lifelong pet. Join our members page to get regular updates.